Who is NC Ad Agency?

NC Ad Agency is the culmination of serial entrepreneurship, a fascination with the business of advertising, a recognition of the changing dynamics of marketing in a technological business space and the realization that traditional media advertising such as TV and Radio are fast becoming impotent marketing tools in the digital age.

We started in the digital advertising business simply by applying skills we picked up along the way to help a few friends get their own businesses better digital representation and a higher online profile. As time progressed we realized that we had stumbled our way into being a viable business model, recognized that eastern North Carolina had a large gap in it’s digital advertising and marketing, and decided to go for it.

We took our competitive instincts, our experience and enthusiasm for marketing and advertising, a ceaseless learning curve and launched NC Ad Agency. Our focus is on helping our clients. The more help we can give our clients, the more value we see in our services and ourselves.

By focusing on industries that we know and understand, such as those in home improvements, repairs and remodeling, truly listening to the wants and needs of our clients and keeping ourselves educated on those industries that we service, we can constantly improve our ability to create effective web designs, digital advertising and advertisement placement for our clients that will gain them the results that they need and require of us.

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