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With 80% of potential customers searching online first, the online presence of your local service company can not be ignored. And that number is only growing as buyers and customers become more comfortable with technology. That number also goes up, as the value of the item or service goes up. If you’re not proactive about your company’s online marketing and presence, your competitor is already ahead of you. The very first thing to talk about is your web design. Any business hoping to compete will definitely have a website, designed with user friendliness and searchability as it’s priority. But simply having a website will not help you to rank higher in the local search results. Your website needs to be designed and created to benefit your position in online rankings when customers are searching for businesses in your industry. The first four businesses in a search result will get 75% of the new customers. Good web design means new customers. Poor web design means those new customers become someone else’s new customers.

We at NC Ad Agency are serial entrepreneurs ourselves, so we understand the importance of your rankings and how to improve them. Building and designing your website from the ground up, maximized for visibility and user friendliness is above all else, the most important thing that we do and the focus of our energy. From the most simple aspects such as your “NAP”, (Name, address and Phone number) to technical issues such as clean coding and mobile device optimization, we have the experience, education and skills to help your company get in front of the competition. Down the list, from your NAP, google mybusiness listing, social media presence and marketing, online profiles, down to posted ads such as youtube and Facebook, we are able to make sure that you are getting the most out of your investment.

Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can help you grow your business, and find out about the special pricing structure that we are offering during the current coronavirus situation.

    Can your customer find you?

    Your website is important when it comes to your online presence, but it is not the only aspect we work on for trades and contractors. There are platforms on the internet on which we will create a profile for your business. Online reference websites, which provide reviews and comments along with your business information act as a modern version of the yellow pages. And the more you have, the more search engines such as Google or Bing will recognize your site and listing. Without knowing exactly where you are headed, it takes time and work to do these yourself. Time and effort that you could have spent elsewhere. Let us put it together for you, it’s what we do


    Can your customer find you?

    Social Media content

    Social media is now a fundamental part of business advertising and marketing. Particularly in the trades, where people love to see improvements and browse ideas that have been implemented by other clients. The same reason the home design and decor magazines have enjoyed a great deal of success of the last 100 years, your pinterest, Facebook, twitter and Instagram management and activity can greatly improve the visibility and reputation of your company.

    Create Area-centric Content

    Talking about local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for trades and contractors, we can create local SEO-friendly content such as blog posts, articles and featured presentations. Using the right keywords (which are words and phrases that are used by users to conduct searches on search engines), creating visually appealing imagery and writing entertaining and enjoyable content is a talent and skill unto itself. When done correctly, the chances of your website ranking high on the Search Engine Results increases considerably. But it does have to be done correctly.

    Apart from promoting your business in your locality, you might want to promote it in your neighboring cities. So how can you tap the target audience of cities where you can provide services? The answer is by including some neighboring city names in your content. This will help you gain customers from close to areas where you will be able to provide your services. Another idea which can prove beneficial for your local SEO is adding the links to other local businesses in your content. Now be careful, you do not want to add competitor’s links. To give you a better idea, if you have a blog about bathroom plumbing fixtures for your plumbing business, you could add links to a local electrical business in the blog for the lighting options.

    Respond to Reviews and Comments

    Having your business presence online is not just restricted to putting up blogs, website content, business pages, etc. The internet is an open forum which enables a two-way communication. While business promotion is your way of communication, comments and reviews are the customer’s way of communication. The reviews and comments that you receive can be both positive and negative. You do not really have a control over it. However, what you can do is be responsive to these reviews and comments. When reverting to reviews, keep your tone formal and agree with the mistakes pointed out by a customer if it is true. Ideally, you can offer to provide a discount in the next service as a form of apology. This will help build your goodwill and enhance the brand image of your business to attract more new customers.

    Getting good reviews and ratings is extremely crucial for local SEO. When users make local searches for trades and services, they rely on the ratings and reviews provided by the existing customers. This makes it important for you to have good ratings and reviews. So how do you manage that? Simply but subtly ask your happy customers for it. A quick way to do it is by sharing links to your local pages and listings with your customers and ask them to give their reviews or provide ratings. You could also add the link for reviewing on your website or in your emails to the customers.

    Now there is a catch to asking for reviews from happy customers. The online listings and profiles such as Google My Business, have a strict policy about reviewing. So if you plan to provide a discount on service to a customer for a good review, do not do that as Google My Business does not allow it. Your business website could be penalized, permanently. It is advisable to rarely ask for reviews from your customers as your business should do that for you. Provide good services and let the customers express their views on their own.

    Know and Use Citations

    To boost your local SEO contractors we need to promote your business as much as possible. To make it happen, we create citations for your business as part of the overall web design. Citations are mentions of your contact details or NAP and website on other websites and online listings. These citations help to increase your local SEO ranking and help ensure that your potential new customers can find you quickly when they are searching the internet for services.

    For a company which works for trades and contracts, tapping the local market with the right information is crucial. Apart from right information, using the right marketing strategies to spread the right information is equally important. To achieve this, we come up with the best strategies to boost the local SEO for trades and contractors, based on your industry, service area and client base.

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