Is Pay Per Lead for your company?

What is “Pay Per Lead”

Pay per Lead
Pay Per lead means you don’t pay until you land the customer

Simply stated, Pay Per Lead means you don’t pay for digital marketing services until you gain the customer. Often, contractors are (understandably) weary of tech people. We don’t often speak the same language and don’t often understand each other’s business. NC Ad Agency is different in that we’re made up of people with experience in our selected industries. Our team has experience in framing, roofing, plumbing, tile and related work. By being able to talk the talk, we can walk the walk, and create effective digital marketing with real results. Still, often contractors are uncomfortable with the expense of hiring professional web designers and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) technicians. It’s often expensive, and can be hard at times to measure results in the short term.

    Is P.P.L. expensive?

    The short answer is “maybe”. By paying us on a P.P.L. basis, your net-net pay out is actually higher in the long term. We assume all the risk and expense, and consequently your year to year expense for the service is higher than just writing a single check upfront. The trade off is that …

    You have no upfront cost and you owe nothing until a lead comes in.

    That’s where the P.P.L. business model gets strong. Instead of paying anywhere from $800 to $2800 up front (depending on what services you want to employ from us) you pay nothing upfront and only owe us based on the number of potential customers we bring in for you. If we only bring in one lead, you only owe a few dollars. If we bring in many leads, you’ll be charged exponentially more money. But you will always be charged only based on the customers that we bring you. You don’t owe us anything until we’ve brought you business.

    How does P.P.L. work?

    The simplest explanation is that we build a web site representing your industry (for example, let’s say roof repair and sales in your area), do all the technical stuff to build a high ranking web site that draws in business, do all the advertising and marketing for roofing and roof repair, and draw potential new clients to us through our internet marketing. When potential customers looking for roofing and roof repair call or email through our website, that phone call or Email is automatically transferred to you (we never interact with the customer and the customer is never aware that we are involved in any way), and the website tracks the phone calls and emails, we then invoice you based on those leads. You do nothing but receive the leads directly and pay us for those leads that come through our site. We do NOT attempt to bill you for any client or customer that comes to you through traditional means, only those customers that WE generate for your business.

    Is P.P.L. right for YOUR business?

    Maybe. P.P.L. can work for any business in any service industry. It works BEST for higher ticket items such as home remodeling business, large ticket dealerships such as car and truck, industrial equipment and the like. Business such as low cost-per-customer retail requires such a high volume of customers that it often becomes a logistic nightmare to use a pay per lead system. It’s equally important in this business model that any business that contracts with us are not in competition with any other customer of ours. Therefore the model really works best for higher end ticket items that is economically viable in a fairly large service area. Message us today to discuss the Pay Per Lead model and if it is right for you!

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